Blowing winds and your cheeks crack! Blowing rage! Till you drenched the tops of our church and drowned are chickens. You must sulfurous threw are fired and execute them. Thunderbolts will be fired full of oak and there will be couriers. Singe my white head! And thou shall shake thunder Smack my head in the […]

To Cordellia      France, Paris I’m very sorry for what I have done. I feel so guilty, please contact me with an letter or something. Goneril and Regan are traitors to England and me; I am going to be punishing them once I get my crown back and I will be giving you the […]

The  King swept into the court and stood glaring at the crowd in front of him. His eyes rose with fire as silence commenced across the room. As his mouth opens slowly , the King declares he is going to give the biggest piece of land to one of his daughters, however they have to […]


William Shakespeare was an English poet, he was born on 26th April 1564 and died on 23rd April 1616. He has wrote approximately thrity-eight plays over his time and one hundred and fifty four sonnets , two long narrative poets. His most famous plays are Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.


He was born in Stratford-upon-Haven. His dad is John Shakespeare , when he was 18 he married 26 year old Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare got notice by performing his first few plays on the London stage in 1592, after he was noticed from around London. In 1599 Shakespeare had made his own theatre called the “Globe” on the Thames; it was unfortunately burnt down on June 29th 1613.


The Globe theatre was built in 1599 and burnt down on 1613. This is because of a big fire it was rebuilt on 1614. It was built from timber which is wood and its architecture is and dome, some people say it is like an collesium. It took six months to build (the official Globe theatre). Rich people frequently visited the Globe theatre because it was like there TV in their era; it costed one penny to get inside which would be five pound nowadays. There were no seats inside the theatre so everyone had to stand up through the play. In the theatre there is a tap door which would be for people who had died or came from Hell in an play. Also the higher you stand and watch the play it shows how richer you are. If you where to sit in the pitch you would be asked to take your part in the lay. If you where unlucky you would get pick pocketed.


Despite the fact a single woman ruled England in Shakespeare’s era women were considered as the weaker sex. When a women is married she is considered to bear children. They where viewed as an person who had to always be prepared to do what they where told to do. Women didn’t really have jobs, they would stay at home and look after the children; when they had spare time they would have to clean the house and make breakfast, lunch and dinner. They would have no freedom until their un-married.


This is what Shakespeare’s life was like, how the Globe theatre was built and developed and how a women’s life was. It was tough for women but easy for Shakespeare; the Globe theatre was an main attraction. The end! Continue reading

Once upon a time there was a pub in Bermondsey where every local person went after a hard day of work, even children (they had sweets and sugar drinks). However there was this one family that always had problems and argue with each other. They where the Stevensons. Dad: Abu, Tyriese and Victora stop fighting […]

In the story King Lear offers his three daughters an oppourtunity to have a big piece of land. All they have to do is say how much they love him, who ever says they love him the most gets the most land. The first daughter to speak is Goneril. She tries to morph King Lear […]

This book is about a boy called Hamish, and for some bizarre reason the world would pause every often. He didn’t know why it was happening to him. He thought it was fun until he saw some monsters, he was shocked, he thought what where they doing here. He done some research and found out […]

    MY LIFE My name is Ryan Manson. My life has had ups and downs. I was born on the 1st of January 2004, I grew up in Bermondsey. After a few years I moved to the Borough I currently live there and will live there for next few years. Where I Come From I was […]

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